Johnny Lee

Hi! Welcome! I’m Johnny.

I lead Business Operations (BizOps) at Adept.

Previously, I was a data scientist on the Analytics team at 23andMe, focusing on product analytics and strategy.

Prior to 23andMe, I worked on the Business Operations team at Salesforce, solving data problems at scale for the 10,000+ direct sales force.

Otherwise, I like traveling the world, learning about the latest business trends, and volunteering in my community (check out YCore!).

While completing my MBA at Columbia Business School, I worked on special projects at various technology companies across the globe. At Amazon, I devised a program to manage Amazon Device's (Kindle, Echo, Fire TV, Tablet) $200M+ commodity price exposure to battery and rare earth materials. At Safi Organics/Takachar (prize-winning climate hard-tech startup via carbon removal), I recommended a go-to-market strategy via the carbon offset market in African developing countries. At Youth Hub (Tunisian startup), I advised management in fundraising and operations.